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The Loan Documentation Workshop is three-day basic legal documentation course specifically designed for asset-based lenders. The goal is to familiarize participants with all aspects of the loan documentation process and to enable them to be active partners with their legal counsel.

The Workshop Covers:

o Overview of the documentation process
o Loan and security agreements
o Negotiation
o Ancillary documents
o Creating and perfecting security interests and liens

“Excellent course focused on negotiation techniques, fraudulent conveyance and perfecting lender’s security interest. The program emphasized looking beyond just the loan & security agreement and the importance of understanding ancillary documents. It helped me to focus on covenants, reps & warrants and necessary documents needed to protect my company in the underwriting process.” - Mark Sullivan, Acorn Capital Group

2012 Program Dates:
October 15 - 17, 2012
Chicago, IL
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Program Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Recommended for: Loan officers, account executives, and others who are involved in the negotiation of prospective asset-based transactions or the supervision of existing asset-based loans. Participants should have at least one year of management responsibility in the negotiation or administration of loan portfolios.
Continuing Education Credits available.

Course Content

Overview of the Documentation Process
- Term Sheets, Proposal Letters & Commitment Letters
- Legal Due Diligence vs. Business Due Diligence
- Closing Checklist

The Loan & Security Agreement
- Agreement Structure
- Unsecured vs. Secured
- Approach to Draft Review

The Art of Document Negotiation
- Frequently Negotiated Points
- Responses to Points Raised by Borrowers

Ancillary Documents
- Promissory Notes
- Guaranties
- Capital Call Agreements
- Intercreditor Agreements
- Subordination Agreements
- Landlord’s Agreements
- Insurance

Creating and Perfecting Security Interests in Personal Property

- U.C.C. Article 9
- Coverage
- Categories
- Methods of Perfection
- Filing Location
- Searches
- Possession of Collateral

Creating and Perfecting Liens on Real Property
- Mortgages
- Title Insurance
- Surveys
- Monitoring

- Summary, General Questions, Evaluation