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The Fraud Awareness Workshop is a three-day program presenting best practices in the prevention and detection of borrower fraud while also recommending fraud prevention procedures for a variety of ABL disciplines. Reinforcing each learning point through numerous case studies, the goal of the program is for participants to understand their roles in mitigating the risk of fraud within their organizations.

The workshop covers:

• Fraud prevention procedures for the ABL and factoring disciplines of:
  • Account Management
  • Field Examination
  • Underwriting
  • Operations
  • Credit
  • Senior Management
  • Business Development
• Mitigating the risk of fraud
• Specific approaches and techniques in fraud prevention/detection
The cases stimulated discussions with staff members from various ABL organizations attending the class. This led to insights into numerous areas of exposure that I was previously unaware of. It was also a chance to reinforce prior tests which are often not currently done. Mark and Mike went into subjects that are often hard to communicate and made them exciting.” - Gerald Randles, Chase Business Credit


2012 Program Dates:
October 3 - 5, 2012
Los Angeles, CA
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Program Level: Intermediate
Recommended For: Any staff seeking to minimize their institutions' fraud risk.
Continuing Education Credits available.

Program Outline

General Session
- The extent of fraud in today’s environment
- Perpetrator profiles
- Definitions of Fraud

Overview of Fraud Cases
- These frauds will be used throughout the program to reinforce education materials and best practices presented during the three days.

President or Group Head
- Focuses on the ultimate leader’s role in preventing fraud. Topics such as organizational structure, corporate culture, control environment, corporate governance, business ethics, accountability, training goals and objectives and “tone at the top” will be covered.

Business Development Officer
- New Business philosophies
- Front end lending risks
- Motivations and Behaviors

Credit Officer, Credit Administration
- Corporate Objectives vs Credit Standards
- Influence of credit standards over behavior of the other positions including asset recovery activities.

Credit Underwriter
- Prevention of fraud through objective analysis of loan requests
- Interaction with credit officers, new business officers, appraisers and field examiners

Loan Administrator
- Critical importance of Monitoring
- Use of technology and interactions with other positions
- Warning signs/Red flags

Relationship Manager, Account Management
- Frequency of reporting (daily, weekly, monthly).
- Special procedures in response to warning signs that may be present.

Credit Analyst
- Role in Fraud Detection
- Where does this position end and field examiner begin? Where do they overlap?

Field Examination
- Frequency, extent, scope to detect fraud
- When to expand procedures beyond standard in response to indicators of fraud
- Challenges faced in completing exams in a timely manner when borrower is not cooperative.