Event Information

2018 Winter Operations Fundamentals - Module 5 - Field Exam

Date: January 23, 2018
Location: Webinar

Field Examination Essentials for Ops

90 minute Virtual Workshop and self-study elearning module



This module provides Operations Professionals with a deeper insight into the work of the field examiner addressing the following key issues:

  • What to look for in the report from an operations perspective
  • Understand how the key conclusions were arrived at
  • Know how to respond to what you hear back

Pre-study elearning module

  • Types of field exam
  • The underlying philosophy and approach
  • How often to visit
  • Preparation prior to the examination
  • Typical scope of a field examination
  • Key A/R, A/P and cash testing and dilution rate calculations
  • Inventory testing
  • Other tests, tax, fixed assets, etc;

Virtual Workshop


The virtual workshop is a highly practical look at field examination, designed to help you understand the field examination report and know the key questions to ask. The presenters are experienced field examiners who will talk in detail about some practical case studies and situations they encounter to help build a deeper understanding of their work. Case studies include a shipping test example, inventory reconciliations, and mark down reserves.