Event Information

2018 Winter Underwriting Fundamentals - Module 1 - Financial Statements

Date: February 6, 2018
Location: Webinar

MODULE 1: Financial Statement Essentials


Financial Statement Essentials is the first module of our six-part Underwriting series. This module focuses on the Income Statement and Balance Sheets.

Learning objectives of e-learning module and workshop:

  • Overview of the underwriting process
  • Key principles of secured transactions
  • Structure of credit report – section by section
  • Basics of Income Statements and Balance Sheets
  • Review of different corporate structures and their financial statement structures

STEP 1: E-learning module - Financial Statement Essentials

30-minute essential pre-study

The e-learning module will be available on this site soon and will provide an overview of Financial Statement Essentials. Once it's posted, registrants will receive an email that it is available to view.


Key principles of Underwriting

The role of the Underwriter

ABL loans in corporate debt structure

The key risks in ABL to be managed

Fraud prevention overview

The Credit Report and the 6Cs of Credit

Key Financial Ratios and Trend Analysis

STEP 2: 90-minute Virtual Workshop 2:00-3:30 pm Eastern

When you register we will send you details about how to join.

Income statements and balance sheets

This workshop will take an in-depth look at the key tools that are used to analyze income statements and balance sheets, and how these tools are applied to evaluate ABL loans. Note that Cash Flow Statements will be covered in module #2

The workshop will look at the various types of balance sheets and income statements used depending on the type of corporation, using examples to illustrate the difference between them, highlighting the implications for risk management.