Event Information

2018 Winter Operations Fundamentals - Module 2 - Trend Card and Risk Analysis

Date: January 11, 2018
Location: Webinar

Trend Cards and Risk Analysis

90 minute Virtual Workshop and self-study elearning module



Through an analysis of trend card examples, students will learn how to interpret trends cards and formulate questions for the customer where they don't appear to make sense. We will also explore the major indicators of risk and how to respond.

During the virtual workshop attendees will work in groups and as class to interpret case-studies of trend cards, and learn from our experienced instructors the stories that may lie behind these trends.

Pre-study elearning module

  • Key aspects of risk analysis
  • How to use trend cards to identify risk
  • Worked example using trend cards

Virtual Workshop

The virtual workshop uses practical examples of trend cards to explore their use in more depth. It is a chance to ask questions, and to hear how experts in the field think through the trends they observe.