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Our Mission

"The education programs offered by the CFA have been imperative to the training within my organization as we do not have the resources to develop quality programs internally. I believe they are instrumental to our industry and central to our trade organizations purpose. The programs and materials the CFA has developed would not have been possible without the continued financial support of the Education Foundation. My company has been a contributor to the Foundation since day one, and will continue to do so long into the future. It is a small price to pay for the benefits received."
- Mark Hafner, Pres. & CEO, Celtic Capital Corporation
The CFA Education Foundation is the exclusive source of funding in support of research and development for the asset-based lending and factoring industries’ knowledge base. Numerous courses, seminars, publications, studies and more would not be possible without the consistent contributions of the Foundation’s many generous donors year after year.

CFA founded the publicly supported CFA Education Foundation, Inc. in 1990 for the purpose of funding educational and research programs for the asset-based financial services industry. The Foundation is funded principally through grants and contributions from industry service providers including accountants, appraisers, attorneys, MIS vendors, turnaround consultants and managers, and other individuals and businesses with close ties to the asset-based financing industry, as well as from CFA members and employees. Foundation contributions are deductible as charitable gifts pursuant to applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. Through Foundation funding, CFA is committed to the enlargement and enhancement of its educational mission during the coming years, including:
  • Retention of professional consultants to conduct extensive needs analyses for the asset-based financial services industry.
  • Employment of curriculum and courseware development professionals to review and enhance existing schools, seminars and workshops and to create new worldwide educational programs.
  • Creation of standardized course lesson plans and facilitator guides to enhance educational programs for CFA chapters worldwide.
  • Incorporation of media and computer-based educational program delivery.
  • Engagement of recognized economists and adjunct professors of business to conduct educational programs for CFA.