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The Commercial Finance Association presents several helpful resources at your disposal:


  • Career Center – A network created to connect members with new employment opportunities and provide employers and recruiters with exclusive access to industry professionals.
  • Compendium - Get answers to common questions on secured transactions law from practicing commercial finance attorneys in each state of the Union.
  • Find a Lender – Take advantage of this free service to find the right lender for your business needs.
  • Marketing Opportunities – Looking for brand awareness among the commercial finance industry? The CFA has several ways for you to reach decision-makers in the asset-based lending and factoring industry.
  • Publications – The only source to purchase industry-related publications.
  • Service Provider Directory – An easy way for professionals to find service providers in the asset-based lending and factoring industries.  

  • The Secured Lender – Keep informed with news and in-depth articles from the industry’s premier magazine.
  • TSL Express – Get updates on industry headlines and deals, company news, and upcoming CFA events.


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