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In 2013, the CFA Women in Commercial Finance Committee was formed, in order to support women involved in asset-based lending and factoring.  In 2013, Jennifer Sheasgreen of Doral Healthcare Finance served as Chairperson; Kathleen Lepak, of People’s United Business Capital, heads the committee as Chairperson this year, with Jennifer Sheasgreen as Vice Chairperson. Andrea Petro of Wells Fargo Capital Finance has served as Officer Liaison both years. The Committee has over 60 members, making it CFA’s largest committee.
Here are some highlights of what the CFA Women in Commercial Finance Committee has accomplished in the last 18 months:
•  Held a cocktail reception and a wine tasting for members to network at the 69th Annual CFA Convention.
•  Hosted an essay contest in which contestants would submit an essay concerning asset-based lending or factoring. The winner,
   Alissa Palatiello of Wells Fargo Capital Finance, won a complimentary trip to the 69th Annual CFA Convention.
•  Held a Committee Networking Breakfast held during 69th Annual Convention
Over the next year, the Women in Commercial Finance Committee will be working on a number of endeavors including:
•  Securing Sallie Krawcheck, business leader at Ellevate and previously the president for Bank of America Wealth Management, as a
   speaker for the 70th Annual CFA Convention, which would also include time for networking.
•  Hosting a breakfast for members of the Committee on Friday morning of the 70th Annual CFA Convention.
•  Holding regional events in cooperation with CFA’s local chapters to provide networking and education on a more local level.
•   Naming a winner for the 2nd Annual Women in Commercial Finance Essay Contest.
•   Creating a mentor program that will connect young professionals to a seasoned industry professional.
The success of the Women in Commercial Finance Committee is evidenced by the opportunities made to those involved and the continuing connections made by members of the group.  
For information in joining the Committee, please contact CFA staff liaison Michele Ocejo, 212-792-9396, or Committee Chairperson, Kate Lepak, People's United Business Capital, 860-280-2720,

The winner will receive complimentary registration and travel expenses to CFA's 71st Annual Convention in Austin, TX, November 11-13, 2015
The contest is sponsored by the Women in Commercial Finance Committee of the Commercial Finance Association (Yes, the contest is open to both men and women)
Article on some aspect of asset-based financial services or factoring, suggested topics include: portfolio management, business development, underwriting, operations, audit and systems.  Submissions should be fact-based, providing information or developing concepts relevant to current topics in our industry. Suggested length: 1,500-2,500 words.
Trip to the 2015 CFA Annual Convention in Austin, TX. Travel Expenses will be sponsored by the CFA Education Foundation. Convention Registration Cost will be sponsored by the Commercial Finance Association.
Participants must have at least one year experience in asset-based lending or factoring. Participants must be employed by a CFA member Organization or a CFA Education Foundation Contributor at the $2,500 or higher level.
The article is not to exceed 2,500 words and should be educational in nature. The article should not promote a specific product or organization. Please send as a Word file.
All entries must be received by August 12, 2015.
Michele Ocejo
Commercial Finance Association
The winner will be notified in September. The winning article will be published in the November issue of  THE SECURED LENDER.
Two Honorable Mentions will be published in TSL Express, CFA's daily e-news bulletin.
The presentation of the award will be made at CFA's Annual Convention at the JW Marriott Austin
*Please note that previous winners of the "Essay Contest" are not eligible to enter.

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