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Welcome to the Commercial Finance Association’s Public Affairs page. As the leading trade association of the asset-based lending and factoring industries, CFA maintains a comprehensive Public Affairs program. This program includes a dynamic advocacy agenda, led by the CFA Advocacy Committee, ongoing public relations outreach, and a leadership role on legal issues related to ABL and factoring.

In the Advocacy Section, you can find information on CFA’s Advocacy Committee and the latest on CFA’s efforts on legislation and regulation related to commercial finance. In the Legislation & Regulation section, you can read about current legislative proposals and pending regulations that could have an impact on companies involved in ABL and factoring. In our Legal Issues section, read about the latest court decisions related to commercial finance and browse through amicus briefs submitted by CFA in court cases involving commercial lending. If you are looking for information on international secured finance issues, check out our International Activities page for up-to-date information on CFA’s efforts to promote international secured transactions law. Finally, if you are seeking data on the secured lending industry, go to the Industry Statistics page to find the latest CFA industry survey results.

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