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Advance your career with industry knowledge from CFA.


The Commercial Finance Association offers an array of options for you to expand your knowledge on the ever-evolving world of commercial finance through access to:

  • Compendium – Get answers to common questions on secured transactions law from practicing commercial finance attorneys in each state of the Union.

  • Professional Development –  Featuring expertly crafted webinars, education programs ranging from basic workshops to in-depth, advanced courses, and in-house professional development programs designed specifically for your company’s needs.

  • Education Foundation – Find out how you can get involved to support industry research and education.

  • Industry Information – Analyze past surveys for year-to-year indicators of industry activity and trends in new business and portfolio performance.

  • Publications – Discover the latest news with The Secured Lender and TSL Express and purchase industry textbooks written by CFA’s education instructors.

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