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Financing Oversees:  What to Expect in 2010

Financing Oversees: What to Expect in 2010

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Originally aired April 15, 2010 ...

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Originally aired April 15, 2010. The current credit crisis has dramatically changed the landscape for domestic lending in many countries.  It is even more pronounced for middle market companies seeking financing for their foreign operations.  Yet unlocking the value of your foreign cash and other assets has become even more critical today either for survival and growth of foreign subs or to support the parent company.


During past recessions overseas operations were prime targets for cost cutting strategies.  But a key difference in this recession is that globalization is here to stay and the most promising growth areas are now abroad – we want to talk to you about how this growth can be financed.


This webinar will identify who is doing foreign lending in this environment and for what type of companies and assets.  It will walk you through the structure of a typical transaction to show how it is being done.  If you have foreign assets or operations that are not being fully utilized in your current financing structure, you can find out just how it can be done.


Attendees will learn:

-Who is lending on foreign assets/operations

-What types of companies/assets can be financed during these tough credit times – case study

-What a typical middle market cross-border structure looks like

-How financing foreign operations can help you


Presented by: Jeremy Harrison, Senior Vice President, Lloyds Banking Group
Mike Carsella, Managing Director, Previsio Partners LLC

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