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Inventory Appraisal Essentials

Inventory Appraisal Essentials

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Originally aired May 4, 2010 ...

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Originally aired May 4, 2010. This webinar is essential for anyone involved in lending on inventory collateral.  This one-hour session will explain the valuation process conducted for a standard orderly liquidation value inventory appraisal, including raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods.  It will also discuss the development of exit strategies and liquidation expense structures.


Participants will learn about:

·         Categorical valuation of raw materials

·         Using research and historic liquidation comps to value inventory

·         Sample valuation and statistical anomalies

·         What is work-in-process and how to consider it in the valuation

·         "As-is" versus "as-complete" considerations – kitting, packaging, branding, and the build out

·         Detail turnover analyses, including consideration of sales, open orders, usage, ageing, and purchase data

·         Months on hand, ageing, and general turnover ratios

·         Prime, secondary, surplus, salvage, and scrap values

·         How to handle excess obsolete reserves

·         Reconciling the appraisal to the borrowing base

·         The role of customers in liquidations

·         The liquidation period

·         Logistics and marketing

·         Expenses considered and not considered


Presented by: Alex Sutton, Vice President, AccuVal Associates, Inc.

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