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The Role of the Underwriter

The Role of the Underwriter

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Originally aired December 3, 2009 ...

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Originally aired December 3, 2009. On August 27, the FDIC reported that FDIC-Insured Institutions Lost $3.7 Billion in the Second Quarter of 2009.  FDIC Chairperson Sheila Bair said today that, "Deteriorating loan quality is having the greatest impact on industry earnings."


This webinar will explore, “The Changing Role of the Underwriter”, and is premised on the idea that underwriting is imperative to improved credit quality.  Some of the key points covered in this webinar

·    The history of underwriting of commercial loans.

·    Was underwriting ignored in the boom times 2003 – 2007?

·    A new paradigm for the role of Underwriter in a multidisciplinary “deal team”. 

·    Necessary qualities to succeed as an underwriter in the “new world” of credit.


Presenterd by: Norman Smith, Manager of Underwriting and Portfolio Development, CIT Healthcare

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