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Distressed Asset Monetization Strategies in Lender Workouts

Distressed Asset Monetization Strategies in Lender Workouts

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Originally aired October 4, 2011 ...

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Originally aired October 4, 2011. The objective of a workout is to preserve value for all concerned parties.  In the course of renegotiating a credit relationship under distressed circumstances, certain assets of a business may have to be sold.  Developing a sound disposition strategy and choosing the best disposition method(s) based on the nature of the assets to be monetized are crucial to maximizing the value recovered.  Fortunately, there are multiple methodologies available today to conduct asset sales, whether under a forced or orderly liquidation scenario.  The presentation will review these methodologies and the circumstances under which each is best suited to deliver optimal results.  It will also delve into the process for developing a sound disposition strategy.


What attendees will learn:

·         A review of the asset disposition methodologies in use today.

·         Circumstances under which each disposition method is likely to deliver optimum value for a specific asset type.

·         How to formulate an asset disposition strategy, including how to leverage marquee assets to maximize the value of all assets, and how to decide upon the best disposition method(s) to maximize recovery value.

·         When and how to choose an asset disposition services provider.


Presented by:

Robert Levy, Partner, Hilco Industrial, LLC

John Ward, Exec. VP, HilcoBid, LLC

Charles Theiss, Senior VP, Hilco-Active International

Ben Nortman, Exec. VP, Hilco Merchant Resources, LLC

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