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Real Estate Fundamentals for Asset-Based Lenders

Real Estate Fundamentals for Asset-Based Lenders

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Originally aired April 13, 2010 ...

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Originally aired April 13, 2010. If you are going to take real estate as collateral, either boot or real, be sure that, BEFORE you make your loan, you take all the steps that a prudent purchaser of the same real estate will take when you have to sell it or have it sold by your borrower. If you don’t, then you will expose yourself to potentially unpleasant and expensive surprises when you can least afford them. As the Boy Scouts say, Be Prepared!


The presentation will cover six types of reports that ABL’s should obtain whenever real estate is taken as collateral, even if the real estate is only boot collateral or there is a seemingly low advance against the property. The significance of each report will be discussed, along with the rationale for each report.


  1. ALTA Survey
  2. Title Insurance Policy
  3. Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  4. Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
  5. Structural Report
  6. Roof Report

 Attendees will learn:

 - That real estate is neither like other collateral nor easy
 - How to protect yourself from future problems by proper action today
 - The importance of the various parts of real estate due diligence


Presented by: Biff Ruttenberg, CTP, Principal, Atlas Partners, LLC
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