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UCC Preemption & Security Interest under Other State and Federal Law

UCC Preemption & Security Interest under Other State and Federal Law

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Originally aired March 2, 2010 ...

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Originally aired March 2, 2010. Filing a financing statement may not be sufficient to perfect a UCC security interest in certain types of collateral.  In some cases, security interests in intellectual property aircraft or other vehicles or may require perfection under a state law, federal statute or treaty other than UCC Article 9.   This presentation will identify the specific types of collateral that lenders require special consideration, explain the applicable perfection rules and recommend best practices.



1) Introduction

2) Intellectual Property

- Patent & Trademark

- Copyright

- Domain Names

3) Highly Mobile Goods

- Motor Vehicles

- Aircraft

- Railroad Assets

- Vessels

- Space Assets

4) Q&A


Presented by: Paul Hodnefield, Associate General Counsel, Corporation Service Company

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