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CFA's network of chapters provides you with additional opportunities to connect and build your contact list regionally.

Members have the opportunity to meet in a local setting that is convenient to access and participate in trade fairs, networking programs and events.

As a chapter member, you can meet industry leaders and discuss topics of interest with economists, academic leaders and even meet prospective CFA members!

CFA's Fundamentals Program provides cutting edge educational software, giving you the feel of being in a live classroom without ever leaving your desk. Through the Fundamentals program you will be able to use our interactive self-study module to learn all relevant course information in an easy to digest, concise way.>

Our Operations e-learning modules are available today, together with the full virtual workshop that runs in January 2014
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Standing Still But Not Silent: What Should Your Intercreditor Agreement Say? A Review of Select Intercreditor Issues
TSL Deal Alert is the industry's official list of ABL & factoring deals compiled by the Commercial Finance Association.  In order to keep you informed about market activity and deal size, deals are fully sortable and frequently updated.
To get the industry’s official list of ABL & factoring deals.
In order to keep this list as comprehensive as possible, please send your deals to

Boost your growth and minimize risk by joining the worldwide community for secured lenders. Network while learning from industry-leading panelists.
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